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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting the Futures of Local Residents for More Than 40 Years

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, the time to act is now. No matter the nature of your case or the particular charge involved, taking proactive measures to consult a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney from our firm should be your number one priority. Fully prepared to help defendants and their families understand their legal rights and what we can do to protect them, our legal team is one you can trust in times as tough as these. With more than 40 years spent defending the rights, freedoms, and futures of local Florida residents, our legal team at Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. has proven that we have the skills and commitment to defend against even the most serious criminal allegations.

Our Areas of Practice

Our legal team has more than 160 years of combined experience and has logged countless hours handling in a range of criminal defense matters. This has prepared our firm to defend clients accused of many different criminal offenses. Should you be in need of bold and creative legal minds to defend against theft crime charges for shoplifting, burglary or robbery, our firm is here to help. We also represent clients who have had their lives unjustly changed simply by being accused of a sex crime. Even in matters as serious as federal crimes, you can be sure that we fight relentlessly on your behalf.

Having been prominent fixtures in the local and legal communities for decades, our attorneys have seen the evolution of our citizens' collective views on crime and our state's legislative changes that reflect them. In many drug crime cases, for example, the legal system has shifted toward rehabilitation rather than punishment. We capitalize on these shifting trends, views and legal gray areas to help our clients obtain the most favorable resolutions possible, including alternative sentencing options if and when applicable. Our firm also maintains an active practice defending the futures of residents charged with driving under the influence (DUI). From first-time allegations to multiple offenses and felony DUI charges, our Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers are capable of handling all of the legal and administrative matters involved.

Work with a Firm that Fights for You

One of the most distinctive characteristics of our practice is that we devote our time, resources and personal attention to each and every client we serve. Available 24 / 7 and intent on handling cases on an individual basis, our firm has proven that this client-focused philosophy makes a real difference. Although the legal solutions we craft may be unique for each case, the need for immediate action is necessary in every case. We strongly advise anyone facing criminal allegations in or around Fort Lauderdale to schedule a case evaluation with a member of our legal team as soon possible. Work with the experienced legal team you need. Contact Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. today.

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